Does Direct Freight Express Deliver on Weekends?

In the bustling city of Perth, businesses heavily rely on efficient freight forwarding services to ensure the smooth flow of goods. When it comes to choosing the right freight forwarder, factors like reliability, speed, and flexibility play a crucial role. One common question that often arises is whether Direct Freight Express, a prominent freight forwarding company, offers weekend delivery services. In this article, we will delve into this topic and explore the various aspects of Direct Freight Express’s weekend delivery options. For more information check out freight forwarding company Perth today to learn more!

Key Takeaways:

  • Direct Freight Express, a well-established freight forwarder in Perth, offers a wide range of transportation and logistics solutions.
  • While their standard delivery services operate on weekdays, weekend delivery options may be available for time-sensitive shipments.
  • The Express Service provided by Direct Freight Express offers faster delivery and may have weekend delivery options upon request.
  • Specialised services like priority freight, dedicated transport, and tailored solutions can provide increased flexibility, including the possibility of weekend deliveries.
  • It is recommended to contact Direct Freight Express directly to discuss specific requirements and inquire about the availability of weekend delivery options.
  • The exact cost of weekend deliveries will depend on factors such as distance, package size, urgency, and the chosen service.
  • The availability of weekend deliveries may vary depending on the specific location within Perth.
  • Direct Freight Express can provide information on the availability of weekend deliveries for desired destinations within Perth.
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Understanding Direct Freight Express

Direct Freight Express is a well-established freight forwarding company with a strong presence in Australia. They offer a wide range of transportation and logistics solutions, catering to the diverse needs of businesses across the country. With a network of depots and distribution centres, Direct Freight Express strives to provide efficient and reliable delivery services to their clients.

The Availability of Weekend Deliveries

While Direct Freight Express operates on weekdays, it is essential to note that their delivery options vary depending on the specific requirements and services requested. Although standard delivery services typically do not include weekends, Direct Freight Express does offer additional options for time-sensitive shipments that require weekend delivery in certain areas, including Perth.

  1. Express Service: Direct Freight Express’s Express Service provides faster delivery for time-critical shipments. While this service primarily operates on weekdays, there may be instances where weekend delivery options are available upon request. It is recommended to contact Direct Freight Express directly to inquire about weekend delivery availability for Express Service shipments in Perth.
  2. Specialised Services: For businesses with specific requirements or urgent deliveries, Direct Freight Express offers specialised services such as priority freight, dedicated transport, and tailored solutions. These services provide increased flexibility and allow for customised delivery arrangements, which may include weekend deliveries. To explore these options, businesses can consult with Direct Freight Express to determine the feasibility and additional costs associated with weekend delivery services.

What does delivery to express warehouse mean?

“Delivery to express warehouse” typically refers to the process of transporting goods or shipments to a dedicated warehouse facility operated by a freight forwarding company, such as Direct Freight Express. This type of warehouse is designed to efficiently handle and process incoming shipments before further distribution or delivery. Once the goods are delivered to the express warehouse, they can undergo sorting, documentation, and other necessary procedures to facilitate their onward transportation or delivery to their final destinations, click here to learn more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I schedule a weekend delivery with Direct Freight Express?

Although there are weekend delivery choices offered for particular services and situations, it is advisable to get in touch with Direct Freight Express to talk about your needs and investigate the various available alternatives.

What are the additional costs associated with weekend deliveries?

Supplementary charges may be applicable for weekend deliveries due to the specialised nature of this particular service. The precise cost will vary based on factors such as the distance, dimensions of the package, level of urgency, and the specific service selected. It is recommended to seek a price quote from Direct Freight Express to obtain accurate pricing details.

Are weekend deliveries available for all locations serviced by Direct Freight Express in Perth? 

Weekend delivery options may vary depending on the specific location within Perth. For further information on whether weekend deliveries are possible at the destination you want to send your goods, contact Direct Freight Express.


Direct Freight Express, a highly regarded freight forwarding firm situated in Perth, delivers a comprehensive range of logistics and transportation solutions tailored to effectively meet the diverse demands of businesses. Although their regular delivery services operate during weekdays, the possibility of weekend deliveries relies on the particular service and situation. For time-sensitive shipments, businesses can consider alternatives like the Express Service or specialised services, which can potentially include weekend deliveries upon request. For accurate assessment of the viability and corresponding costs related to weekend deliveries, it is recommended to engage in direct communication with Direct Freight Express, wherein you can engage in a detailed conversation regarding your specific requirements.

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