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Website Costs Can be Scary


Let me quote one brief story from a colleague in Melbourne.


"I hired a Web Design company precisely because I wanted professionals to take that off my hands. Even if my programming skills were good, which they're not, I did not have the time to design and launch a website. ... the bottom line for so many people: we are professionals in our own field and we do not necessarily want to gain the skills needed to design a website."


"I have already handed over just under $4,000 (50%) deposit. Unfortunately, the approx $8,000 original sum went up when I asked about e-mailing an e-zine (well over an additional $1000), an additional $200 for each page of links, and so on."


"Every time I sought clarification ... they'd send me a Change Request which always was around $1000."


If it's that difficult and expensive to have the site designed, imagine going back every week or two to ask for the inevitable series of relatively minor changes that you'd like made to your site to keep it current and correct for your visitors.


In fairness, naturally not all Web Design and Development companies are created equal, so you may have a much better experience than the person in the above story. It was those scary costs however that made me realise I could help at least some people with their everyday website care.


With the type of web development company in this example I'm certain you could arrange an annual payment to cover website maintenance, rather than paying each time, though I understand this type of service could cost around $800 a year!


A much better alternative is to find a service that has a low, affordable minimum charge and very reasonable rates. That's what you've found here today.